5 Cold Weather and Winter Workout Tips

Cold Weather and Winter Workout Tips

When it’s a winter wonderland outside or the mercury dips below those inspiring temperatures that just make you want to get out of the house, it may be difficult to find the motivation or even the right way to keep up a good exercise/workout routine when Jack Frost is parked right outside your door.

About Our Fitness Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

Fitness Equipment Maintenance and Repair

When winter comes we all think a little more seriously about our health and well being. At Total Fitness Equipment we are serious about health and wellness. We not only supply fitness equipment for the individual or business, we also provide back up services like mechanical repairs, electrical troubleshooting, and even equipment relocation.

Looking For Fitness Equipment For Your School or University?

School and University Fitness Equipment

Exercise is a serious matter, especially for young, active students. At Total Fitness Equipment, we are your premier source of gym and exercise equipment for your school or university. Serving Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, we offer the finest collection of brand name equipment at competitive prices. Our expert fitness professionals take pride in recommending equipment…

Why The Jacob’s Ladder Exercise Machine

Jacob's Ladder Exercise Machine

We believe that the Jacob’s Ladder exercise machine holds a unique place among gym equipment. Its unique design combines the cardio advantages of a spinning bike, rowing machine, stair climber or elliptical with the possibilities for high intensity, full-body workouts beyond what most other machines can offer. And it does all of this without a…

Why Total Fitness Equipment Over Other Exercise Equipment Stores

Fitness Equipment Store Connecticut

Without a doubt, purchasing exercise equipment, whether for a commercial gym or for home use, is a major investment. High quality, well-designed fitness equipment will last decades, long outperforming the low quality options on the market. As Connecticut’s leader in exercise equipment, we also believe that the specific function of each piece of gym equipment…

Summer Olympics Inspired Fitness Workout Tips

Summer Olympics Fitness Tips

The U.S. certainly went for the Gold this Olympics season, and we’ve all been watching the highlights and replays with plenty of excitement.  With so much medal-colored action, we have to say, we’re proud to be in the fitness industry!  Our customers have been inspired by watching the world’s most amazing athletes take to the grand stage,…

Tips to Easily Avoid Summer Weight Gain!

How To Easily Avoid Summer Weight Gain

Summer is a season of fresh fruits, salads, swimming, and beach volleyball.  We don’t expect to gain weight, yet packing on pounds is easier than we realize.  The warmer months mean more flexibility in our schedules.  Carnivals and barbecues offer a smorgasbord of high-calorie food and drink options.  For many of us, taking a vacation also means taking a break…

Fitness, Workout & Exercise Tips for Pregnant Moms

Fitness Tips for Pregnant Moms

Living a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for everyone, including expectant mothers. Whether you’re pregnant and already have a fitness routine, or if you’re looking for ways to stay healthy during your pregnancy, we’ve got you covered. There are some exercises that are better for pregnant women than others, and we’re here to offer some insight…