5 Perfect Fitness Ideas for Christmas & The Holiday Season

5 Perfect Fitness Equipment Ideas for Christmas
The holiday season is when most people look forward to time with family, great food, and thoughtful gift giving. But it’s also the time to look forward to staying on track with your fitness goals. Here are five fitness equipment ideas that will fit perfectly with your holiday plans.

1. Don’t Skip!
When you wake up on your holiday morning, and the days leading up, instead of pouring a glass of eggnog and grabbing a sweet roll for breakfast, drag your incline elliptical into the front room so you can stay active during the gift giving. A stationary elliptical makes it easier for you not to miss a workout, even on holidays. If your family is involved in your fitness goals, have them be an active part of your workout by “racing” you — you have to up your speed and sprint until they fully open a gift. If it’s a tough wrapping job, you’ll be racing for a while.
2. Have Water Rowing contests!
Instead of a board game where you’re sitting stationary at the table, why not use water rowers to get a race in? Have the family cheer for their favorite team member as you both try and beat each other in speed and distance with an indoor water rower. It works even if you have just one machine — each person rows separately, because the machine can time and adapt to each rower. To make things festive, have the contest set to upbeat holiday music to help the contesters time their strokes.
3. Use a functional fitness trainer to keep up your strength.
A functional fitness station can help you stay on top of your resistance workouts. It offers slab weights, pulleys, bars, and a bench for pulling, pressing, and kneeling. It’s a great substitute for holiday gym closures, and a good way to keep the pounds off with rich festive foods. Resistance training helps you to burn calories even when you’re at rest, so complete a lifting routine before heading off to a family dinner and you’ll be in much better shape — literally.
4. Stay solitary with the stationary bike.
Sometimes in the all the hectic holiday cheer, you a need a minute or two to yourself to really focus. Put your favorite songs on your earphones and dig deep as you ride a stationary bike. Spinning is one of the most effective holiday workouts because you can burn plenty of calories in a short time, allowing you to get a great workout out of the way before heading off to school concerts, bake sales, pageants, and family gatherings.
5. Give the gift of free weights.
If one of your family members is hoping to fitness a goal for the new year, free weights are a sensible option for gift giving. Many home workout videos incorporate free weights, and using weights in a daily workout can accelerate weight loss. Giving the gift of fitness can really bless you loved ones.

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