Looking For Fitness Equipment For Your School or University?

School and University Fitness Equipment
Exercise is a serious matter, especially for young, active students. At Total Fitness Equipment, we are your premier source of gym and exercise equipment for your school or university. Serving Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, we offer the finest collection of brand name equipment at competitive prices. Our expert fitness professionals take pride in recommending equipment that provides a range of intensity for students of all capabilities. Our designs for fitness space promote an atmosphere of dedication to good health.

Developing an Approach

Exercising regularly can set up a pattern that may support a lifetime of health benefits which is why the proper fitness equipment, and facility, for your active students is critical. Creating a habit may take some time, but getting started with the right equipment in an appropriate environment can lead to its formation. Regular workouts can create results that reward effort and lead to repeated performance. Learn about some of the types of fitness equipment we can supply to your educational facility:

Choosing the Best School Gym Equipment

Our huge array of fitness equipment provides options that can meet any preference. Our expert staff can present the advantages of each piece of equipment as a foundation for developing a complete gym for your school or facility.


Providing an exceptional workout for the whole body, our ellipticals prevent impact on knee, ankle, and hip joints. Pushing and pulling on the handles engages the upper body in concert with the muscle exertion by the lower body.


Running on a treadmill provides the opportunity to target hip muscles, quads, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. The ab muscles engage to help stabilize and center the body during a run.

Exercise Bikes

Our recumbent and upright bikes offer a path to building muscle strength and increasing cardiovascular circulation. They offer the benefits of aerobic exercise without impact to the joints.

Rowing Machines

Each stroke on our rowing machines involves almost every aspect of the body. Increasing endurance and strengthening muscles through repeated leg presses, rowing offers an excellent full-body exercise.
Total Fitness Equipment is your premier source for your school or universities equipment. Call us today!

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