Why Total Fitness Equipment Over Other Exercise Equipment Stores

Fitness Equipment Store Connecticut
Without a doubt, purchasing exercise equipment, whether for a commercial gym or for home use, is a major investment. High quality, well-designed fitness equipment will last decades, long outperforming the low quality options on the market. As Connecticut’s leader in exercise equipment, we also believe that the specific function of each piece of gym equipment should also be tailored to the individual fitness needs of the buyer. Some sporting goods and fitness equipment stores focus on moving inventory and each sale is just like another, a heavy brown box moved out the warehouse. We don’t take that view. At Total Fitness Equipment, we do business by delivering exceptional knowledge, value and quality. So why exactly do we recommend Total Fitness Equipment over the other stores? Read more here.

We’re Local, with a Huge Selection

Some products just have to be bought in person. Few people would buy a car sight unseen without in going over it in person and perhaps giving it a test drive first, and exercise equipment is the same way. Our locations throughout Connecticut and in West Springfield, Massachusetts’ allow customers to get a feel for the product before making any buying decisions. With a huge selection of top brands, our customers don’t need to settle with whatever the local big box store happens to have in inventory that month. At Total Fitness Equipment, we want you to find the perfect piece of equipment for your fitness goals and without driving for hours to do so. Forget paying top dollar for cheap, no-name brands from the other stores and come in to see the wide variety of top brands we stock for both commercial and residential uses.

Expert Staff

It is all too common for a sporting goods store or even many exercise stores to be staffed by sales persons who know only the basic marketing information about their products. Ask them to explain how a certain piece of equipment fits into a fitness program, its proper body position or more advanced functions and their lack of preparation becomes obvious. It is clear that they are there to fill a sales quota, often by upselling the customer into a more expensive piece of equipment. The Total Fitness Equipment staff members are different. With expert knowledge in the fitness equipment and its uses and a focus on the customer, the knowledge we offer helps our customers to make the best buying decisions for their individual needs. We are passionate about fitness and educating our customers as much as selling the best equipment on the market today.

After Market Support and Repairs

An exercise equipment store that focuses on sales numbers often simply refers its customers back to the manufacturer when a piece of equipment breaks. We don’t share this view and our passion for customer satisfaction extends to support and repairs. Our repair services, available for both commercial and residential equipment, put us a cut above the rest. Our skilled technicians can repair virtually any piece of equipment and get it back in service again. We believe that the best fitness equipment store should be the one that best serves its customers’ needs, offering them not only top quality for a great value but also supporting their fitness investments with maintenance and repair that ensure their continued satisfaction for many years to come.

Pre-Owned Equipment

Most people have a piece of equipment they don’t use anymore or they shop for a great value. For these customers, Total Fitness Equipment buys and sells pre-owned fitness equipment and machines. Another store that focuses on gross profit margins may not see the advantage, but when it comes to meeting customer needs, we believe that our pre-owned options offer a great value options for many customers.

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