6 Reasons Water Rowing Machine Offers A Fabulous Workout

Why Water Rowing Machines
Water rowing is now a part of pop culture thanks to Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood in the NetFlix series, House of Cards working out on one in his brownstone home.

That being said, water rowing is a workout like no other and if it’s cool enough for Kevin Spacey, well it’ s one worth trying. What is water rowing and why is it such a good workout?  Water rowers feature a drum full of water in the front of the rower called the flywheel. As one rows, the water swishes around inside the flywheel that resembles the dynamics of a boat moving through the water so unlike traditional rowing machines, this results in a more even rowing experience. But there is much more to water rowing than being part of pop culture. It is a total body workout that is healthy and satisfying. Here are 6 reasons water rowing should be added to your exercise routine.
1.  Fantastic Cardiovascular Workout:  As you row, your heart rate increases and enhances the lung’s ability to provide oxygen throughout the entire body. This aerobic fitness is key to a strong heart. Water rowing can be completed in short intervals so it takes less time than other workouts.
2.  Terrific Fat Burner:  Water rowing is one of the best total body workouts and faster fat burner than other methods and is a perfect workout for any fitness level. Some high intensity rowers can burn up to 600 calories per hour.
3.  Easy On The Body:  Water rowing is a low impact workout that offers maximum full body results in less time than other workouts. The rowing  motion is easier on the joints than high impact exercises and when done properly, is a safer motion workout.
4.  Generates Weight Loss: Water rowing is a low impact aerobic workout that offers you big results in the calorie burning, fat burning categories. Burning fat equals weight loss so the more you row (combined with a healthy diet) the more you lose weight.
5. Builds Muscle Strength:  Water rowing is a muscle builder using 84 percent of your muscles. The more you row, the stronger you will become and other aerobic activities will become easier including walking, jogging, cycling and everyday activities. Some think that rowing requires arm strength, but the entire body is engaged resulting in an overall stronger you.
6.  Stress Reliever:  Water rowing tops the list as one of the best workouts for stress relief. Whether you row to your favorite music or prefer the sound of the swishing water from the fly wheel, rowing activity is perfect for letting go the worries of the day and reducing stress.

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