About Our Fitness Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

Fitness Equipment Maintenance and Repair
When winter comes we all think a little more seriously about our health and well being. At Total Fitness Equipment we are serious about health and wellness. We not only supply fitness equipment for the individual or business, we also provide back up services like mechanical repairs, electrical troubleshooting, and even equipment relocation.

We don’t forget about our customers; we will come make repairs on your fitness equipment. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge needed to diagnose a problem and repair it effectively. We’ll get you back into your exercise groove as soon as possible. Total Fitness Equipment offers:

  • Expertise and experience
  • Prompt service time (usually 24- 48 hours)
  • Preventative maintenance to reduce or stop break downs
  • Cost-effective service plans

We want you to be able to use your exercise equipment to build and maintain fantastic health. We also believe that a little maintenance now prevents liability issues for you in the future, whether you own a gym or just let the nieces and nephews in your exercise room.  We’ve made it easy to contact us either by phone or by filling out an online contact form that will let us understand how we can best serve you. Our response times tend to run from 24-48 hours but this changes when winter hits and the exercise equipment gets a tougher workout all across Connecticut. At that point we have to say that our response times can run from 24- 72 hours. We get pretty busy between November and March. Weekends and holidays can affect response times as well, but we will get back to you.
We know how important fitness equipment can be to your daily routine and especially for your health. These are some of the issues that convince many people to have regular maintenance performed on their equipment earlier in the year so they can prevent those emergency repair visits. No matter what, we can help you with your fitness equipment repairs and maintenance. No job is too small. Health and fitness is just that important to us. Contact us today.
We stand behind the products we sell, and we believe in serving our local community with service after the sale too. With five locations, we are proud to offer our services in Connecticut.
We have fitness equipment stores in the following Connecticut areas:
Avon, CT Store · 860-678-7672
Manchester, CT Store · 860-648-1766
Newington, CT Store · 860-667-1099
Orange, CT Store · 203-283-9690
West Springfield, MA Store · 413-301-6897

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