Best Fitness Equipment for Small Spaces and Apartments

Fitness Equipment for Small Spaces and Apartments
When it comes to losing weight, becoming healthy, and staying in shape, many people opt for a membership at a gym or studio. Unfortunately, not only can such memberships be inexpensive, but many find it inconvenient to have to head to the gym or studio every time they want to exercise. Therefore, if you want to be able to exercise every single day without restriction, you should get equipment for your apartment. Here is some information about ideal fitness equipment for apartments and small spaces.


The waterrower is a popular choice among people who need to fit all of their fitness equipment in an apartment or small space. The waterrower refers to an indoor rower machine that makes use of water as a resistance medium rather than a magnet or air. The waterrower is especially perfect for individuals who want to achieve great leg power as this fitness equipment works out the calves as well as other leg muscles.

Folding Treadmill

Many people avoid buying a treadmill because of the size. If you happen to be one of these people, you should look for a folding treadmill. The folding treadmill is one of the newer models that can fold flat for storage in small spaces. You can walk or run in place with a folding treadmill just as you would with a normal treadmill. After you’re done exercising, you can slide the folded treadmill underneath a tall bed or into a closet. You can even store the folded treadmill against a wall. Try to find a folding treadmill with wheels so that you can move it around easier.


If you’ve seen an elliptical at the gym, chances are it was far too big to fit in your apartment. Fortunately, there are smaller models for sale for home use. The vast majority of ellipticals for home use will take up less room than even a treadmill. You can move an elliptical to the middle of a room for use and then fold it up and store it. Some ellipticals have wheels that make them even more convenient for service.

Mini Stepper

The mini stepper is essentially a smaller version of the stair machine. The main difference is that the mini stepper only features the steps and not the entire machine. Mini steppers usually come with resistance tubes or detachable arms that allow you to perform a full body workout. Most mini steppers can fit under the bed or in a closet.
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