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Fitness Equipment For Business
As business owners, we provide competitive salaries and benefits to show our talented employees how much we value them. However, there is another way to boost your employees’ morale and productivity, and that is installing a workplace fitness center.

If your employees are mainly doing desk jobs where they sit at computers for long hours, you especially want to give them a way to get moving and release some stress. In fact, being sedentary for most of the day increases one’s risk for chronic conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Giving your employees an easy way to be active during their breaks can have them returning to their desks refreshed and healthier for the long run, giving you a positive and healthy workforce.
How will your employees benefit from having a fitness center at work? 

  • They will be in a better mood. The human body releases endorphins during exercise, which is a major mood booster.
  • They will have fewer missed days. Exercise boosts immune systems, resulting in fewer colds and missed days due to illness.
  • They will be more energetic. Being active reduces stress which increases energy levels.
  • They will be more productive. Exercise motivates creativity and memory retention, giving your employees that mental boost for big projects.

Your business will also benefit in these aspects:

  • You will save time. Your employees get sick less, which means you spend less time making up for missing people on teams, scrambling for new talent, or reassigning tasks.
  • A more friendly work environment. Exercise lowers stress, making employees get along better, saving everyone some unnecessary stress-related drama.
  • Lower turnover rates. Less stressed out employees who feel valued and fit are more likely to be happy at your company and stick around.
  • A recruitment perk. When obtaining new talent, the idea of a gym can be a make or break factor for a qualified candidate at the crossroads between two lucrative offers.

Let Total Fitness Equipment help your business.
We are specialists in designing and setting up your personalized fitness center. As a one-stop shop for all your corporate exercise needs, we have all the necessary equipment you can think of- ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, weights, mats, and much more. Just ask us!  We are a local, family-owned fitness equipment store that has the experience in setting up numerous residential and corporate environments with custom, professionally designed fitness centers. Your satisfaction is our goal and we will do everything we can to make sure your gym is exactly the way you envision it.

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