Summer Olympics Inspired Fitness Workout Tips

Summer Olympics Fitness Tips
The U.S. certainly went for the Gold this Olympics season, and we’ve all been watching the highlights and replays with plenty of excitement.  With so much medal-colored action, we have to say, we’re proud to be in the fitness industry!  Our customers have been inspired by watching the world’s most amazing athletes take to the grand stage, which has inspired us to write this post of fitness workout ideas brought to you by the Olympics.

Water Sports

Water is easy on the joints and muscles while burning fat and calories, so why wouldn’t the pool make our team?  No matter your age, weight, or water capabilities, there is probably a water sport that can cater to your needs. Swimming is an excellent way to amp your cardio routine without breaking a sweat out in the summer sun.  Alternatively, water aerobics can give you a great boost of metabolism and start your day off right without requiring plenty of laps in the pool.
For a full-body experience, be sure to look for exercises that allow you to experience a full-body workout before you towel off for the day.


Rowing is a deceptively intense sport.  At first, it appears to only need your arms to make the motion happen, but truth be told, your entire body is needed to embrace this fitness activity.  Rowing is an excellent way to strengthen your core while teaching your lungs and muscles to work together.  Breathing and building a beautiful body go hand-in-hand.
You don’t have to be a star on your local crew team to reap the benefits of a row machine.  This activity will engage your body from head to toe while you sit and row. You can also check out the rowing exercise machines for sale here at Total Fitness!


The summer season is the perfect time to set yourself atop a set of wheels that will take you from here to there.  If the streets are a bit scary for you, start with an indoor bike that will allow you to gain some cycling confidence while you build up your resistance to fatigue.  In-home exercise bikes offer an awesome way to get your feet up and moving without ever touching the ground (or leaving your house)!

Weight Lifting

Sure, you may not be going for the Gold in your weight lifting endeavor, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best.  Some of the best in-home gyms start with just a small set of free weights.  With an allocated amount of time and a few dumbbells at your disposal, you’ll be working your way toward a better body in no time!

Track & Field

The winner of all in-home gyms, the treadmill and elliptical take the cake.  Watch any show you want to in the comfort of your own home while you make laps around the unhealthy foods you may have eaten today.
Which Olympic events have inspired you to start hitting the gym harder?  Share your Olympic-inspired workout agenda with us @TotalFitEquip!

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