How to Clip in Peloton Shoes (and Unclip): Your Quick Guide to Secure Riding

Clip in Peloton Shoes

Clipping into a Peloton bike enhances the riding experience by keeping the feet securely attached to the pedals, enabling more efficient power transfer and better performance. Riders slip their feet into Peloton shoes fitted with cleats that are specially designed to lock into the bike’s pedals. This connection not only offers a stable base for…

Elliptical Meaning (Elliptical Definition: What is an Elliptical?)

Elliptical Meaning

If you’ve ever heard friends talking about their workouts or even suspiciously eyed the machine that will be under our spotlight today, then you may be wondering, what is an elliptical exactly? Anyone who recalls walking into a big gym for the first time knows first-hand how many different pieces of fitness equipment there are…

Why Precor Treadmills Are Worth The Money: Precor Treadmill Benefits

Why Get a Precor Treadmill? Are Precor Treadmills The Best Treadmill?

If you are thinking about investing in a treadmill and have heard the hype about Precor’s machines, you might well be wondering, is Precor the best treadmill manufacturer for you?  Sure, the market is loaded with home fitness equipment from a multitude of manufacturers and at just about every price point—but there are some pretty…

New England NuStep Commercial Fitness Representative

NuStep Fitness Equipment Dealer

  Total Fitness Equipment is the NuStep Dealer Passionate About Giving You a Healthier Future The NuStep is one of the most inclusive fitness trainers available on the market today and was specifically designed with people of all ages and abilities in mind. Whether you’re actively looking to lose weight or just trying to improve…

New England Precor Commercial Fitness Representative

New England Precor Commercial Fitness Representative

The New England Precor Commercial Dealership Dedicated to Giving You a Stronger Foundation When it comes to personalized fitness equipment designed to improve your training experience, Precor meets these needs like no other. That’s why Total Fitness Equipment is pleased to act as a premier, top-quality Precor commercial dealer in New England. If you’re looking…

At-Home Fitness Tips During COVID-19 Self-Quarantine

At-Home Fitness Tips During COVID-19 Self-Quarantine

To stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, most gyms, fitness classes, and athletic facilities are closed. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up one your fitness goals! Whether you have a fancy home gym or a studio apartment with no workout equipment, you can still get exercise. In fact, regularly exercising will not…

7 Must-Have Exercise Machines for Your Apartment Home Gym

7 Must-Have Exercise Machines for Your Apartment Home Gym

There’s nothing like being able to work out in the convenience of your own home. There’s no commute, no membership fees, no worrying about which machines are free – in short, no excuses! If you’re setting up a DIY home gym in your apartment, you want machines that are an efficient use of your space….