2017 Fitness Fashion Tips

2017 Fitness Fashion Tips
Are you starting to feel like you’re in a workout rut? Is your favorite workout shirt looking a bit ragged? It might be time to spruce up your wardrobe with some new clothes for the gym. Fresh clothes can breathe life into your routine, helping you to get excited about getting up early to exercise. Look to some of these trends for the upcoming year to help guide your choices.

Futuristic Fabrics

The latest fashions are designed to improve your workout. Look for clothes that mention “moisture wicking” on the label. These are ones that are going to help you feel dry as you work up a sweat. Clothes that have Spandex will bend and move with your body. You’ll probably also see plenty of “compression” clothes. These have a slight squeeze that might help your muscles recover faster.

Dressing for (Workout) Success

You don’t need a whole new wardrobe every time you decide to try out a new class, but you should definitely choose clothes that fit your workout program. In yoga, Pilates, and Cross Fit, your form is incredibly important, so you’ll want to choose clothes that clearly show your body’s shape. This allows the teacher to make necessary adjustments. If you’re just hitting the elliptical machine, though, you can wear whatever’s comfortable for you.

Functional Fashion

While the right workout clothes can motivate you to move your body, the clothes you wear should ultimately be functional. Those who love jogging, for instance, need a sports bra that offers the right amount of support. They also might need reflective clothing if you’ll be jogging outside at night. On the other hand, if you’re going to a hot yoga class, you might want to wear as little as possible, sticking to a small pair of shorts and a tank top to keep cool.

From Gym to Café

You might not want to head to the office after hitting the gym, but you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym’s showers before you leave. Since leggings are such a popular fashion choice no matter where you go, you can easily stop by your favorite café for a latte on your way home. Simply make sure your workout clothes don’t look too frumpy. For instance, you might throw on a cute hoodie over your midriff-bearing yoga halter.
When you’re wearing something that looks and feels great, you’ll have the confidence you need walk into your class like you really belong. Take some time to explore your options so that you can feel your best.

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