Why The Jacob’s Ladder Exercise Machine

Jacob's Ladder Exercise Machine
We believe that the Jacob’s Ladder exercise machine holds a unique place among gym equipment. Its unique design combines the cardio advantages of a spinning bike, rowing machine, stair climber or elliptical with the possibilities for high intensity, full-body workouts beyond what most other machines can offer. And it does all of this without a motor. Combing strength training with cardio, the Jacob’s Ladder is perfect for high intensity interval training or lighter full-body workouts that will raise your heart rate and keep it there.

The Workout

Using the Jacob’s Ladder is like climbing a ladder set against a wall at 40 degrees. Your body leans into the ladder as it climbs and instantly your core, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, chest and calves are activated. For those with back injuries, pressure on the disks is relieved by the arms because you’re never straight up and down as you are while running.
The higher you climb, the faster the Jacob’s Ladder revolves, allowing you to work up to a sprint as you become more advanced. But for those who prefer to climb slow and steady, focusing on strength at a steady rhythm, the lower rungs of the ladder allow just that. In a perfect balance of forces, climbing on the lower rungs provides more resistance and feeds the rungs more slowly while the resistance lowers near the top and the rungs speed by.
This system allows you to effortlessly adjust the Jacob’s Ladder to your workout simply by moving higher or lower. An intense five minute sprint at the top of the ladder is a workout that can exhaust even elite level athletes and the unique full-body workout is often used by police and fire departments. A readout at the top displays the distance traveled, the rungs already climbed and your current heart rate. The handles allow you to focus only on your lower body and take your arms out of the equation.

How It Works and Why It’s Safe

The Jacob’s Ladder is in some sense like a ladder on a treadmill, but with the added benefit of automatically adjusting the workout using the waist cable. In its resting position, the Jacob’s Ladder is locked and cannot move. Go ahead and step on and you’ll find it rock steady. Climb it like any other ladder and it will not move, that is until you attach the waist belt and cable. The waist cable, adjustable to your height between 5′ and 6’4″, releases a braking mechanism. Pull it part way by climbing just a rung or two and the brake will stay partly engaged, naturally slowing your climb. But pull the cable more by climbing higher, and the brake is fully released. Think of it like the twisting brake knob on a spinning bike that increases the tension on the peddles, except that on the Jacob’s Ladder the tension is added when you release the cable by climbing lower.
This feedback loop renders the Jacob’s Ladder one of the safest pieces of equipment in the gym because as soon as you start to descend, the brake automatically engages, preventing you from ever falling off accidentally. Plus, the Jacob’s Ladder reduces joint impact and allows for safe body posture throughout the entire exercise so even those with joint or back issues can climb without a problem.

The Perfect Addition to Any Program

The variable-intensity, full-body workout the Jacob’s Ladder provides is an incredible asset to any program and they are making their way into more commercial gyms and training academies all the time. Whether you want to take the 5 minute climbing challenge or just need a low impact exercise alternative that will get you into the best shape of your life, the Jacob’s Ladder available at Total Fitness Equipment is your answer. So ask about the Jacob’s Ladder as Total Fitness Equipment today and climb your way to fitness.

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