Jump Start Your Exercise Routine with These Spring Fitness Tips

Spring Fitness Tips

Spring signals the coming of sunny days after a long period of cold weather. By the time it is spring, you may have taken up some unhealthy winter habits such as engaging in little or no physical activity. It is important, to begin with, light exercises and progress gradually towards heavier physical activities. This will…

Easy Exercise Tips For Busy Mom and Dads

Easy Exercise Tips For Busy Mom and Dads

If you’re anything like me, squeezing in workouts while juggling kids and their schedule, a job, and household tasks, feels rather impossible.  However, you will never regret making your fitness and health a priority in your life, and neither will your kids.  There are ways to make fitting exercise into your schedule easier, and your…

Why Choose Total Fitness Equipment For Your Exercise Equipment Needs

Why Choose Total Fitness Equipment For Your Exercise Equipment Needs

At Total Fitness Equipment, we are the premier providers of top quality exercise equipment in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Over the years, we have supplied high-quality fitness equipment to lots of schools, individuals, workplaces and gym facilities around the city. Proper exercise requires that you rely on certified and properly fitted exercise equipment. We are…

Shop Total Fitness Equipment For Inline Ellipticals in Connecticut

Inline Ellipticals in Connecticut

Inline ellipticals offer a total workout that maximizes your calorie burn. If you want an efficient and effective workout, then using an high-quality elliptical from Total Fitness Equipment should is for you. Elliptical workouts can meet people of all fitness levels since the resistance settings can be easily adjusted according to the challenge you want. We carry the…

Achieve Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution with a Precor Treadmill

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get healthy, you’re not alone. Over 20 percent of Americans have made the same resolution this year. Meeting goals is all about having the proper tools and support in place to be successful. It’s still early in the year, which means if you haven’t yet…

A Step by Step Guide to Converting Your Basement into a Home Gym

Basement Home Gym Guide

If you’re really committed to your wellness journey, you can save a lot of money on gym dues — not to mention commute time, privacy, and being able to play your own music as loud as you like — by creating your own home gym in the basement. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making it happen: