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If you’re committed to fitness and want to incorporate weight training into your daily routine, a home gym is the best kind of equipment to provide you with well-rounded exercise options.

Home gyms, also called multi gyms, combine the benefits of multiple pieces of exercise equipment into one compact set up. If you purchase your own multi gym, you no longer need to travel to a commercial gym in order to get a full strength-training workout. You’ll be able to work your arms, legs, shoulders, abs, back, and chest for a full-body workout right at home. This makes home gyms the ideal equipment for a balanced workout that will help you to increase your lean muscle mass and burn off body fat. And because home gyms are designed to be compact, they’re easy to fit into your home without taking up much space.

Our Home Gym Brands

At Total Fitness Equipment, we offer home gyms manufactured by one of the top brands in the fitness equipment industry, Inspire. Inspire designs a range of different machines that include a large selection of features and exercise options. Each Inspire machine is built with high-quality, durable parts and an attention to detail. This means that your home gym machine will look great in your home, even as it makes you feel great.

This fitness equipment is built to last, so no matter how intense your workouts are, you’ll be able to benefit from your multi gym for years to come. We know that purchasing home gym equipment is a big investment. When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that you’re receiving long-term value.

Home Gym Features

Home gyms come with many different components and exercise tools. You’ll be able to choose a machine based on the kinds of weight training you prefer. Our multi gym equipment comes with options such as abdominal bars, leg presses, pull-up bars, pull up assist straps, weight stacks, motion press stations, and orthopedic seat pads. Our machines come with weight stacks up to over 200 pounds, so even if you are a serious lifter, you’ll find plenty of weight to challenge you. Our Inspire home gyms also come with multiple color options, so you can choose a color that matches your personal style and home décor.

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We know that choosing a home gym is a big decision. If you visit one of our six showrooms in Avon, Manchester, Newington, Orange, West Springfield, or Brattleboro our knowledgeable staff will be happy to demonstrate the features of our different multi gyms. If you’d like, you’ll be able to try out our different equipment options to help you choose the right multi gym to help you meet your fitness goals and your budget.

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