5 Gym Equipment Storage Ideas & Exercise Room Organization Tips

5 Gym Equipment Storage Ideas & Exercise Room Organization Tips
Many of us find working out at home convenient than walking to the local gym. That’s very acceptable but what about the space? Is your gym room or basement spacious enough to provide you a good workout? Well, space might not be the problem, but the equipment may sabotage the small space left for you to make use of.
A well-organized gym encourages you to work out even more. Instead of stashing items everywhere whenever you exercise, we have compiled some DIY ideas that aim to organize your space.

1. Make use of the walls by hanging

Keep your resistance bands tangle-free by hanging them on individual hooks. Depending on how your mini gym looks like, you may want to hang your things horizontally, vertically or in any other way you fancy best. Make sure the hook is tightly secured onto the wall to avoid mishaps.

2. Use gym equipment as interior decor

If you are imaginative or a symmetry aficionado, you might want to analyze this idea. It may seem daunting and overly out of place but in this time and age, we live in a world of continual innovation and a little thinking out of the box doesn’t hurt. You can find all kinds of gym equipment and gadgets in various colors, styles, and designs that typically suits your needs and satisfaction at the sports shops.

3. Shelves

A cabinet with some few shelves can go a long way in ensuring that your work out area is organized. Here you can keep some of your stuff like face and hand towels, your phone, laptop, shoes, yoga mat, iPad and any other equipment. You can even go further and stick a TV set in the middle to use when you have a work out tutorial to follow.

4. Use functional furniture

Did you know that you can use your house furniture as your work out equipment? Well, this is virtually one of the most incredible innovative ideas and an excellent solution for your work out needs. Sizable movable furniture like a chest of drawers, large tables and wardrobes are just some of the creative furniture for workouts. All you need is fascinating creativity mixed with some imaginations, and you can come up with useful house furniture that can both serve the house and your work out requirements.

5. Do it the yoga style

Yoga exercise requires a reasonable amount of space, and if you are particularly tight on space, yoga should be your best work out option. You will only need adequate room to roll your mat and a small shelf for your stuff including a laptop to help you follow along with your favorite yoga videos.

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