How to Build a Home Gym Garage

How to Build a Home Gym Garage
If you’re serious about your work out, you’ve likely thought of building your own home gym. A home gym offers the convenience of working out whenever your schedule allows without wasting time on a commute to the gym or needing to fit it into anyone else’s hours. If you’re like most people, you probably think building a gym would be too expensive or that you don’t have the space in your home. Using your garage offers enough space without taking away from living area.
Building a gym garage doesn’t need to be exceptionally costly, either. You can start with a few pieces of equipment that are important to your work out and build on from there. The best part about building your own gym is that you can concentrate on the items that are important to your own workout.

What You Need to Start Your Garage Home Gym

The first thing you need is a prepared space. The more space you have, the more equipment you can add to your gym. In either event, your first step is to clean out the space. De-clutter any items you don’t need and move them so that there’s a large enough area for your gym.
Once your area is de-cluttered, you’ll need to decide on what to put on the floor. Garages generally have a concrete floor, which isn’t ideal if you’re going to do any work on the ground and concrete can get slippery when it gets wet. You can use area rugs or you can purchase rubber floor mats for your gym, depending on what you’re most comfortable with.

Now the Equipment

Once your space is prepared, you need to start concentrating on the equipment. There are a number of ways to do this, depending on the type of workouts you’re used to. In any scenario, you can start with the basic equipment and add on as you go. Or you can start with one large purchase, such as a MultiGym, which can be used for your whole workout while you build your gym around it. Other items you might like in your home gym include:

  • Power Rack, barbell and weights
  • Bench. The bench is necessary for weight lifting but can also be used for other exercises, such as reverse crunches.
  • Heavy Bag and gloves.
  • Jump Rope.
  • Pull Up Bar

The list can go on and on, depending on the equipment you prefer. But as you can see, you don’t have to start out with a full gym. You might start with only weight lifting equipment and supplement this workout with jogging or bike riding. The beauty of the garage gym is that you build it around your individual needs.

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