5 End-of-Summer Fitness and Exercise Tips

5 End-of-Summer Fitness and Exercise Tips
As summer weather drifts away on fall breezes, cooler temperatures invite new fall fitness ideas. Summer vacations and their indulgences are all photo memories now, and we’re all naturally ready to get into healthful fall routines. Here are a few helpful tips for planning your new fall health and fitness scheme.

1. Fall Fresh Start
Avoid severe cleanses or rigid restrictions. Instead, opt for a more livable approach in just eating simple, nutritious foods. Include lean protein sources, like egg whites, fish, shrimp, skinless chicken breast, turkey, etc.). And, keep fresh fruits and veggies on hand for quick snacks. For carbs, get the high-fiber alternatives, such as whole-grain pasta, brown rice, etc., in limited serving sizes. And, choose healthy fats such as avocados, olive oil, and nuts (again, in measured portions). Just settle into wholesome eating habits, and stay away from any diet that is not sustainable as a lifestyle.

2. Fall Snack Purge
Do a fall fridge and pantry purge. Throw out the half bags of greasy chip and the BBQ leftovers. Get rid of all of the irresistible high-fat party snacks and foods that threaten your seasonal fresh start. Then, jot down your menu plan for the week. Include healthful snacks. Make the trip to the supermarket to restock with more inspired staple items and fresh foods. Take a shopping list, to help you get everything you want (and to help you be less distracted by things you don’t need).

3. Home Cooked Advantage
Eat more of your meals at home. Calorie management is much easier when you’re able to fully control ingredients and proportions of each in recipes. This important information is left to guesswork when dining out. Restaurant cooks typically do not prioritize attention to making sure orders actually contain the amount of calories indicated on the menu. They prioritize making it taste delicious. When you do eat in restaurants, choose from simpler menu items. For example, instead of ordering a dish with complex sauces and multiple meat and cheese ingredients, try a grilled chicken breast with a side dish of steamed veggies, etc..

4. Seasonal Exercise Switch Up
Choose an exercise routine that you will actually do. Instead of over-committing (which means committing to an exercise program that sounds too rough to be realistic), dial back your ambitions. Pass on the high-impact aerobics, or advanced spin  class, or the half-marathon training, if you’ve already tried and failed to enjoy those activities. Just embrace your reality, and do what you enjoy. Maybe you prefer dancing in your living room to your favorite music, or working out to a DVD in front of the TV. Or, you might like just taking your dog for a hearty walk every day. The best option is the one that you’ll stick with.

5. Forward Motion
All fresh starts are made to be interrupted by temporary backslides. It’s the human condition. There’s always a disrupter— schedules get a little out of control, and grabbing a drive-through burger may help regain precious minutes. Or, maybe you’re spent after a long day, and ordering a pizza is the answer to your problems. Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you have to adopt the backslide as your new lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you’ve thrown out all of your progress toward habitual healthy living. Just move back to your better eating habits the following day. And, if you feel the need to compensate yourself, add a few extra minutes to your exercise. The key is not to wallow in regret. We’re not perfect. But, fortunately, we don’t need to be.

Get started. Don’t let yourself keep waiting. Reject thinking along lines such as “I’ll start eating healthfully after the holidays, etc.” Adopting a fresh lifestyle is not like being on a diet. You can take a day off here and there and indulge. Over the long term, you’ll likely be more successful and happier with a generally healthy lifestyle, which normally involves a little leniency in this way, than by trying to walk too fine a line without any exceptions ever.

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