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Inline Ellipticals in Connecticut
Inline ellipticals offer a total workout that maximizes your calorie burn. If you want an efficient and effective workout, then using an high-quality elliptical from Total Fitness Equipment should is for you. Elliptical workouts can meet people of all fitness levels since the resistance settings can be easily adjusted according to the challenge you want. We carry the latest commercial models for your fitness center and residential models that make working out at home a premium experience.
Commercial Models
Our commercial models are hooked up with all the latest features your gym members expect. For example, we carry The Landice E9 ElliptiMill Elliptical Trainer that can accommodate novices to seasoned athletes. This model keeps you entertained with the option to upgrade to the Landice Vision System which has a 15″ liquid-crystal display where you can enjoy your favorite movie or TV show. The Landice E9 also makes exercise comfortable with its integrated fan, water bottle holders, and orthopedic gel footpads that cradle your feet for maximum mobility.
Our sturdy commercial models are designed to handle the heavy traffic of your gym while offering the latest and greatest in elliptical trends. Experience sophisticated control panels that can switch you to different training modes, taking the guesswork out of designing your own workout. You can also be sure your stride feels natural, easing the impact on your knees and joints that is usually involved with running outdoors. In addition, don’t forget our commercial warranties that protect your investment if anything unexpected happens.
Residential Models
Get toned and improve your cardiovascular health by having convenient access to a professional-grade workout experience with our residential model ellipticals. There’s no need to step outside of your home for an amazing workout when you have your own inline elliptical from Total Fitness Equipment. Take away the excuses and make working out convenient by bringing the gym right at home, saving you time, money, and hassles.
Our residential ellipticals last for years while also using technology adapted from our commercial-grade models. For example, the Precor EFX® 221 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer offers three ramp angles for you to adjust the difficulty of your workout. Using adjustable magnetic resistance, you can give your body a challenging workout right from home that will give you a gym-like experience without having to go drive anywhere.
Total Fitness Equipment is dedicated to being your premier source of exercise equipment for your home or business. We serve Connecticut and Massachusetts and would be glad to help you find the perfect inline ellipticals for your needs. If you have any questions about what we have to offer, contact us.

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