Jump Start Your Exercise Routine with These Spring Fitness Tips

Spring Fitness Tips
Spring signals the coming of sunny days after a long period of cold weather. By the time it is spring, you may have taken up some unhealthy winter habits such as engaging in little or no physical activity. It is important, to begin with, light exercises and progress gradually towards heavier physical activities. This will help to prepare your body and mind for the exercise program. Slow exercise programs, in the beginning, will also help to prevent pain and strains. With the tons of information available on the internet, you should follow these simple tips to ensure that you get in shape for spring.

Set a realistic schedule

If you did not engage in a lot of physical activity during winter, it is advisable to set a realistic exercise schedule for spring. While a schedule will help you to follow the plan you lay out, a realistic one will help you to avoid the frustrations that come with unattainable goals. Ensure that your schedule will encourage you to exercise more and then post the exercise plan in areas where you frequently look or visit.

Find ways to be active every day

Identify the activities that you will love engaging in so that you do not give excuses for missing the workout program. There are numerous activities from which you can choose including walking, jogging, jumping rope, playing different sports and using weights. Choosing fun activities will help you to exercise better.

Stay hydrated

You are likely to sweat more when you engage in physical activities, a factor that will require you to replace more fluids. Failure to drink the required amounts of water may result in muscle cramping and fatigue. Experts advise that you drink about two liters of water daily, with 17 ounces approximately two hours before you begin exercising. You should also drink some water after a vigorous workout session.

Eat real and whole foods

Eating a healthy diet will not only keep you in shape but will also make you feel refreshed. Get real and whole foods such as whole grains, fish, nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables. Focus on fueling your body and treating it well by eating nutritious meals.

Enlist a friend

Embarking on exercises with a friend or as a team will help you feel more accountable and committed.  Getting someone with similar goals to yours will also help you to stick to your workout plan.

Don’t rely on the scale

Muscles are known to weigh more than fat. This means that you may not be shedding the weight you expect even though you may look more toned. Rather than stepping on the weighing scale, you should use a tape to find out if you are trimming inches in areas of the body such as the waist and hips.

Reward yourself

After all the hard work, remember to reward yourself with a massage, to remove toxins from the body and speed up muscle recovery from pains and strains.

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