Achieve Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution with a Precor Treadmill

Achieve Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution with a Precor Treadmill
If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get healthy, you’re not alone. Over 20 percent of Americans have made the same resolution this year. Meeting goals is all about having the proper tools and support in place to be successful. It’s still early in the year, which means if you haven’t yet finalized a plan for how you’re going to meet your weight loss goals, we can help.
We’ve found that when it comes to personal weight loss, an investment in a cardio machine that can be stored right in your home is one of best tools you can invest in to help you reach your goals. If you’re looking for a single piece of fitness equipment that will keep you motivated and help you burn calories, invest in a Precor treadmill.
A Personalized Running Experience
Each piece of Precor equipment is designed to offer a personalized running experience. You’ll be more likely to stick to your weight loss resolution if you can customize your workout to help you meet your goals. Precor’s wide variety of settings, pre-defined programs, and informative computer console will let you customize your workout and track your progress, two keys to weight loss success. The TRM 243 Energy™ Series and the TRM 445 Precision™ Series even offer personalized suggested workouts based on your goal focus—like having an in-home personal trainer on your side.
Motivational Data
To know if you’re making progress toward your weight loss goals, you’ll need data. Depending on the model you choose, your Precor treadmill will help you to set and achieve attainable goals by tracking such health data factors as: target heart rate, time, calories burned, total distance, pace, average speed, etc.
Compatibility with Your Motivational Soundtrack
Music has been proven to keep many runners motivated. Knowing how important it is to hear your own, personal motivational soundtrack while you run, the Precor TRM 223 Energy™ Series, TRM 243 Energy Series, TRM 425 Precision™ Series, and TRM 445 Precision Series treadmills let you plug in and control music from your iPod® or iPhone®, helping you push yourself to the limits.
Reliable Hardware
How could you be expected to meet your weight loss goals if your equipment lets you down? Precor treadmills are among the most reliable on the market. Their durable construction and quality components mean you don’t have to worry about repairs and replacements. You can be confident you are investing in a piece of machinery that you can use for years to come.
For more information, or to choose the model that will best help you keep your New Year’s resolution, click here to see our line of Precor treadmills.

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