Home Gym Ideas For Small Spaces

Home Gym Ideas For Small Spaces
Going to the gym isn’t always easy or pleasant. Sometimes weather gets in the way, sometimes it’s just that extra effort of going there that makes us want to just curl up at home in bed or go hang out with a friend instead. If you live in an area with high amounts of crime or lack of transportation, it’s simply harder to get out. Maybe you work at home and your home is your mini-kingdom. Who wants to leave when you can be nearby to answer any potential or current clients or pick up new work? Time away from home can be money lost, not to mention the extra expense of commuting and finding a parking spot.

With a changing economy, people are choosing to live in smaller and smaller spaces. If you live in a small space, you may never have thought of having a gym in your own abode.  Don’t let that stop you from exercising at home. There are many creative ways to workout right within your own home, making your own personal gym. And you can even watch movies while exercising! Save money, time, and gas, and skip the gym altogether. Here we offer a few ways to maximize your space to build  your own personal home gym, for small spaces in particular.


Mirrors really give a gym look to a small space. They also make your small space look bigger. It’s a win-win solution. It’s usually easy to find wall space along a hallway, attach them to closet doors, or put them in a side area.

Exterior Gyms

If your place really is too small, or you just want a separate space dedicated to exercise, take a look around you. Do you have a basement, garage, or backyard? Add a shed to your backyard, put in some insulation and equipment, and you’re ready to take your health to the next level, all in the comfort of your own backyard.

Use vertical space

Use open vertical shelves to store your favorite small pieces of gym equipment, from your towels, to your yoga mats, barbells, water bottles, jump ropes, stretch belts, etc. Vertical spacing will help eliminate clutter, and the open shelving makes it easy to grab what you need when it’s time to workout.

Multi-use rooms

If you work at home, why not add some exercise equipment to your office? Run a few miles on the treadmill in between calls to clients, emails and paperwork. You might be surprised at how much more work you accomplish when you have a healthy exercise routine built into your day. You could also add exercise gear to your living room or even your kitchen, wherever you find a spot.

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