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People have some different preconceived notions of what exercise actually is. For most people, they imagine just plodding away for hours on a machine. In actuality, workouts come in many different forms and everyone enjoys something different. There is something to be said for finding new and unique ways to burn those calories, which is why companies are constantly coming up with new innovations to help get people up and moving towards their fitness goals. For this reason, TRX came up with suspension training.

About TRX Suspension Training

TRX was founded by Randy Hetrick. Randy Hetrick graduated from USC and then went on to spend 14 years in the military as a highly trained Navy SEAL commando. Eventually Hetrick became a Squadron Commander of the SEAL’s elite special unit. This is where he became inspired as a result of the equipment used in training. In 2001, Hetrick graduates from Stanford’s University Graduate School of Business to receive his MBA. He then refines the suspension trainer and begins plans to market his new trainer. This quickly attracted attention from trainers, athletes, and coaches. In 2004, Travelfit, Inc. is launched and sells his Travel X suspension trainer out of his car. This was the precursor to TRX. The next year, they launched the first Suspension Training Course for trainers, spreading TRX to the gym setting. After this, the company quickly expanded in both the residential and the commercial sector. Drew Brees has even used this specific exercise.

TRX Suspension Training & Strength Bands

Total Fitness Equipment sells the TRX Suspension training. Why would you need suspension training? First of all, you are able to get an effective total-body workout that requires you to engage your core no matter which exercise you are doing. There are plenty of other benefits to this type of workout. Suspension training can help you increase flexibility and mobility because it requires you to unload and leverage your body weight. You are able to build lean muscle at your own pace, allowing you the complete control over the resistance you work out with. You are also able to develop functional muscle strength. Aside from all of this, the biggest benefit to this workout is the portability of it. This suspension trainer can go along with you, and can easily be set up anywhere that you need it.

TRX Suspension Training Equipment For Sale

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a piece of equipment that anyone of all exercise skill levels can use. Since you are ultimately the one in control during the use of this workout, you can move at your own pace so that you can prevent injury when working out. The best part is you do not need special equipment and you can increase or decrease the resistance during the workout just by simply adjusting your body into a different position. The suspension trainer does not have a lot of frills to it, but what it does give you is the full body workout that you have been waiting for.

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