Treadmill vs. Elliptical: Which is Right For You?

Treadmills vs Ellipticals

There is an age-old debate, as old as the cardio vs. strength training argument, that continues to baffle those seeking an at-home workout machine. Yes, that would be the dilemma you are experiencing right now: Do I buy a treadmill or an elliptical? Both machines have advantages and disadvantages, so the key is to first…

Elliptical or Treadmill, Which Is Better?

Elliptical or Treadmill, Which Is Better

Ellipticals and treadmills are categorized as “cardiovascular” machines and on the surface they can seem pretty similar: both simulate a walking or running type of movement. However, there are several key differences in their function and effect that you should consider before making the investment in one of them.

2015 Treadmill Buying Guide

Treadmill Buying Guide

Treadmills are an excellent health and fitness decision as they’re easy-to-use, functional and provide one of the best methods of shedding fat, burning calories and losing weight. However, there are numerous options available to consumers which can make it a difficult decision when you’re ready to purchase your treadmill. Luckily, there are tips that can help…