7 Must-Have Exercise Machines for Your Apartment Home Gym

7 Must-Have Exercise Machines for Your Apartment Home Gym

There’s nothing like being able to work out in the convenience of your own home. There’s no commute, no membership fees, no worrying about which machines are free – in short, no excuses! If you’re setting up a DIY home gym in your apartment, you want machines that are an efficient use of your space….

A Step by Step Guide to Converting Your Basement into a Home Gym

Basement Home Gym Guide

If you’re really committed to your wellness journey, you can save a lot of money on gym dues — not to mention commute time, privacy, and being able to play your own music as loud as you like — by creating your own home gym in the basement. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making it happen:

Tips For Designing & Building Your Home Gym

Tips for your Home Gym

A widespread fitness misconception is that a gym membership is necessary to achieve a great physique. But why pay for a gym membership—when building a home gym is so easy? A home gym is great for those that have a busy schedule and find themselves constantly paying for a gym membership that is barely used….