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Rowing Machines

Rowing MachinesIf you’re looking for a high-intensity, total body workout, a rowing machine is one of the best kinds of fitness equipment available. Waterrowers are well known for burning lots of calories in little time, making them challenging and easy to incorporate into a regular exercise routine. For these reasons, rowing machines are an excellent choice for both home gyms and commercial facilities. At Total Fitness Equipment, we offer a selection of high-quality rowing machines.

The Benefits of Rowing Machines

Rowing machines, also sometimes known as erg machines, simulate the motion of rowing a watercraft. Rowers are probably the best fitness equipment for delivering a full-body workout; you’ll work your legs, arms, and core. In fact, a rowing machine is estimated to work 84% of your muscle mass. All of this work burns a lot of calories; a typical user can burn over 1000 calories per hour. That’s more calories than running, and it means you can fit in a highly effective workout in a short amount of time. Using a rowing machine is also great for your posture. You’ll strengthen your back and learn to keep your upper body upright as you row. While delivering a great workout, a rowing machine is easy on your joints. Because it uses a steady, rhythmic motion, it creates minimal impact. After the end of a rowing session, your muscles may be sore, but you won’t have any pain in your joints.

Exercise Rowing Machines for Home

At Total Fitness Equipment, we offer high-quality rowing machines made by WaterRower. These beautiful rowers are sleekly designed and made with sustainably sourced wood from the USA. Rowers are popular for home gym use because they are easy to use, and they last for a long time. Our rowing machines have a simple mechanical design that is built to last. They are also very compact. Even if you’ve previously thought that you can’t fit exercise equipment in your home, you can almost definitely fit a rower. In addition, rowing machines function without electricity, so you can fit them anywhere in your home without worrying about outlets and extension cords. Our WaterRower machines each come with a workout monitor that will display your workout’s time, distance, calories burnt, speed, and more. If you’re interested in a rowing machine, our expert staff would be happy to provide you with a demonstration. You’ll be able to try out each model and find the rower that’s perfect for you.

Exercise Rowing Machines for Gym & Commercial Use

Rowing machines are highly popular for commercial gyms, hotels, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers because they offer a fantastic all-body workout. At fitness centers and gyms, serious clients will appreciate the challenge of a rower workout. Beginning fitness members will enjoy trying a rhythmic, no-impact exercise. At rehabilitation facilities and medical centers, a rowing machine can help clients to regain strength in almost any muscle group while in a comfortable sitting position and without risking impact to their joints. With a lower price tag than most other exercise equipment, rowing machines are also great value. If you would like more information, please get in touch with our commercial contact at 860-290-8553.