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Certified Pre-Owned & Used Gym Equipment

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Used Exercise Equipment for Sale

Total Fitness Equipment is committed to providing you with used gym equipment options that meet your individual health and fitness requirements. With our choice selection of Certified Pre-Owned fitness equipment and demo models, your budget needs will also be met. The selection of used gym equipment available will vary, so please stop in or phone ahead to one of our seven locations (CT & MA only) if you are looking for something particular. As always, our expert staff will answer your questions and work with you to find the right pre-owned fitness equipment solution for your health, fitness, and budget.

“Try before you buy.” We invite you to visit one of our five locations where an experienced staff member will demonstrate the features for each brand-name item, discuss its benefits, and help you to thoroughly assess its value.

Our local, family-owned business remains dedicated to giving you the best used fitness equipment available. Please stop in one of our showrooms for an individual tour.

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Why Used Exercise Equipment by Total Fitness

Here at Total Fitness Equipment, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best gym equipment options for their personal health and fitness needs. We offer a choice selection of certified used and pre-owned fitness equipment as well as demo models. Therefore, our customers will have no issues finding fitness equipment that meets their budget.

Since we offer used equipment and demo models, our inventory varies from time to time. Call us or stop by one of our five locations to see what gym equipment we have in stock. Our employees are knowledgeable and will have no problem helping you find the right equipment for your budget, fitness, and health needs. If you do opt to visit us at one of our five locations, an employee will be able to demonstrate the features of gym equipment, discuss the advantages, and help you determine whether it will fit your needs. You can even stop by one of our showrooms for a tour. Undoubtedly, our family-owned, local business is devoted to providing our customers with the best gym equipment available.

Our Pre-Owned Gym Equipment

While our inventory of pre-owned fitness equipment products changes from time to time, here is some information about the types of products we typically have in stock here at the Total Fitness Equipment.

  • Used Treadmills
  • Used Ellipticals
  • Used Indoor Bikes
  • Used Indoor Cycles
  • Used Rowing Machines
  • Used Lateral Trainers
  • Used Home Gyms
  • Used Free Weight Equipment

Used Gym Equipment Certification

Many people are reluctant to purchase used or pre-owned gym equipment because of the inherent uncertainty. While these people realize that they may receive gym equipment in excellent condition, they dwell more so on the possibility that they will receive a dud. Unfortunately, many of these people opt to purchase only new fitness equipment and end up missing out on a lot of savings.

Here at Total Fitness Equipment, we have all of the used and pre-owned fitness equipment in our inventory certified. This certification ensures that every product we have in our inventory is in good condition. Thanks to these certifications, our customers can buy used fitness equipment confidently and without worrying about issues with the product in the future. Not only will you save money by purchasing our used gym equipment, but you can be certain that you will receive a product that will meet your needs and last you many years.

If you’re on a tight budget and need used gym equipment, you should definitely stop by one of our five locations. Total Fitness Equipment is one of the most popular sources of home and commercial exercise equipment in Massachusetts and Connecticut because we consider the health and fitness of our customers the main priority for us.