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If you are a CT, MA, VT or NH resident searching for physical therapy and rehab equipment, Total Fitness Equipment has got you covered. We are committed to becoming your exceptional fitness partner regardless of your health condition. Other than providing residential and commercial fitness equipment, we are offering an exclusive line of equipment that’s designed for people recovering from certain types of procedures and surgeries related to the knee, hip, and ankle replacements. These equipment are also suitable for Parkinson’s disease. Here is a list of common PhysioStep equipment and how they can help you recover fully.

PhysioStep LTD Recumbent Cross Trainer

This recumbent cross trainer offers an effective and easy total body workout, and it is designed for home and light commercial use. It has an ascending arm motion designed to provide bilinear resistance and ergonomic hand grips that rotate. It also features a low-profile walk through its adjustable seat, arms, and seatback. This equipment is suitable for a wide range of users (both physically challenged and physically fit).

PhysioStep HXT

This equipment is designed for total body workout. It’s our most affordable and compact unit that comes with a semi-elliptical motion with a leg extension. Users will like the rotation hand-grips and the quick release lever which allows for various hand positions. This machine has short arm movement, meaning that it won’t strain your shoulders while you are engaging the upper body.

PhysioCycle XT

The PhysioCycle XT is a suitable product for users who are searching for a multipurpose workout product that offers an enjoyable complete body exercise. It features a dependent lower and upper body –this means that both your legs and arms will move when you are operating this device. Users can pick a program or combine various exercises depending on their needs.

PhysioStep RXT

PhysioStep RXT offers an effective low-impact full-body workout and allows users to be in a comfy reclining sitting position. It comes with an innovative elliptical stride that’s easy and smooth on the joints. Its handles and legs are dependent, meaning that you can power yourself when working out your legs, arms, and core muscle groups.

PhysioStep MDX

For an easy, effective low impact complete body workout, users can get the PhysioStep MDX. Whether your goal is general health improvement, weight loss, cardiac rehabilitation, or corporate wellness, this recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer will get you moving. It features a large comfortable swivel seat, a low-profile walk, and ergo-grip handles for working core and arm muscles.

PhysioStep LXT

This physical rehab machine is designed to offer an efficient low-impact complete body workout. It has a steady reclining sitting position for giving you a natural feeling while you are walking. Its innovative Linear Stepping Motion will be smooth on your joints. It is suitable for users with various goals like general health improvement, weight loss or switching from physical therapy to home workouts.

So, if you’re in the CT, MA, NH or VT area and are seeking a physical rehab equipment supplier – Total Fitness is your answer.  Contact us today and we will help you choose the best physical rehab equipment depending on your requirements.

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