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Matrix Ellipticals For Sale CT

Matrix Ellipticals For Sale

At Total Fitness Equipment, we are proud to offer a wide line of Matrix Elliptical machines to help you burn through the calories to achieve your fitness goals.  Available as both an elliptical and an ascent trainer, Matrix offers a wide line of benefits and features that other elliptical brands cant match.

Each elliptical offered from  Matrix, wether it is an elliptical or ascent trainer, comes with the exclusive Matrix Suspension Elliptical technology.  This technology allows the machine to be created without using a wheel.  By not having a wheel the elliptical is much quieter to run, which is perfect for at home workouts.  Plus, with having one less moving part in the machine, there is less friction.  When there is less friction coming off of the machine, there is less wear and tear, leading to a longer lasting elliptical.

Each elliptical comes with your choice of three different console to choose from.  The first is the most basic XR Console.  This display allows you to quickly see your workout stats and data and can give you a recap of your routine in one easy glance.  The next available console is the Intuitive XER Console.  This has the same easy to read display and workout data, but also allows the user to input his or her own media on the device.  The console is also Bluetooth enabled, allowing the user to wirelessly connect to all of his or her favorite music to enjoy while he or she works out.  The top of the line console that Matrix offers is the Ultimate XIR Console.  This display features an HD screen with all the same easy to read workout data included.  Plus, this console is also Bluetooth enabled.

While the Matrix E30 Elliptical and Matrix A30 Ascent Trainers are the baseline models, the next upgrade is the Matrix E50 Elliptical and Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer.  On these models, enjoy the upgraded exclusive Exact Force Induction Brakes.  Having these breaks on the machine allows the user to smoothly transition between resistance changes with the simple press of a button.  This also means that there are no moving parts that are causing the resistance to change.  No moving parts means that the machine runs much quieter and has less friction.  As is the case with the exclusive suspension system, less friction means there are less parts to wear out over time, leading to a machine that last longer.

While the Elliptical an Ascent Trainers offer the same key features, the main benefit to the Ascent Trainer is the fact that it allows for a full body workout.  The Ascent Trainers come with the ability for power inclines to really burn the calories and get a full body workout in.