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When you are searching for a gym equipment supplier for your home or a health center, it pays off to find a local gym equipment distributor like Total Fitness Equipment in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. At Total Fitness Equipment you can consult in person with an exercise professional when choosing equipment for your home gym, facility or health center to find out which equipment you will choose.

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We offer a wide selection of quality brands at competitive prices and we service/maintain all of our equipment as well. Contact us today!

Some of our Exercise Equipment

Multi Gyms

A multi gym gives you an overall workout including all muscle sets in your body. It may have a single station or multiple stations for a large variety of exercises. Choose a multi gym that has a weight stack that will challenge you to increase the weight. You can change different features and weights on a multi gym very quickly with just the change of a pin in the equipment. A multi gym gives you the option of exercising at your own pace without a trainer. In a health center, this type of equipment allows consumers to use it when a trainer is helping others.

Exercise Bikes

We carry two main styles of exercise bikes, upright and recumbent. An upright bike generally has a taller seat to climb onto than the lower seat of a recumbent bike. Upright bikes allow you to stand up on the pedals to increase your cardiovascular workout in your home or in a gym to mimic the action of hill climbing. A recumbent bike keeps your body more horizontal with the pedals in front of you to cause you to use both your glutes and legs harder than an upright exercise bike.


Treadmills provide the benefit of cardiovascular exercise and the ability to burn calories in the comfort of your home gym or in a health center when the weather doesn’t permit running or walking outdoors. Regular use of a treadmill improves your ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles to prevent bone loss as you age. You can adjust a treadmill to an incline position to tone your legs, have joint flexibility and a cardio workout while managing your weight without needed to learn how to perform complex exercises.


Elliptical machines work similar to a treadmill, but in an improved manner. You work the legs, shoulders, back, arms and chest all at once. When you grasp the upright arms on an elliptical, you move them forward and back while walking, much the way that a person swings their arms when walking outdoors. The motion of an elliptical is very gentle on your joints and will not stress them. People with more limited mobility or bad joints prefer this type of equipment. You can also hold onto the center handrail and get a very effective leg workout. You can increase the resistance and the incline to burn calories quickly and tone up your body.

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