WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine




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Water Resistance: Like Real Rowing

The “GX Home” features a unique monorail design. This series is engineered for use in group-ex rowing classes such as Indo-Row and ShockWave. Each WaterRower is crafted from sustainably sourced wood of the Appalachian region of the USA and proudly handcrafted in America.

The WaterRower GX Home is handcrafted in premium Ash hardwood with a sleek aluminum monorail design. Each machine is left unstained and has been hand finished in Danish Oil to provide a deep luster and warmth to the wood. For reasons of ecology, all our woods are harvested from replenishable forests. All WaterRower GX Home models include both the Indo-Row and ShockWave Workout DVDs.
*All WaterRower GX series models are equipped with standard 17″ handles.

The GX Home rowing machine includes the GX logo burned into the wood of the front left and right of the machine, as well as the patented GX monitor.

The patented GX Monitor has been designed to fit the Indo-Row Group Rowing Class.
It has the easy QuickStart function, simply press the center (swoosh) button and away you row.
The GX Monitor contains 3 information windows;
TOTAL Window displays Total Time, Total Distance (in meters), and Total Calories burnt.
CURRENT Window displays current stroke rate, current speed in mph (miles per hour) and /500m (split time per 500 meters).
RACE/PACE Window allows setting of time or distance race pieces as well as a quick restart of the race.
There is no heart rate function, no PC interface and no advanced functions.

The GX Home models includes both the Indo-Row and ShockWave Workout DVDs.

Also includes:
– Owners Manual, Siphon Pump, Puritabs, and Allen Key


  • In Use: Length – 85.5” / 212 cm, Width – 22.25” / 57 cm, Height – 20” / 51 cm
  • Stored: Depth – 20” / 51 cm, Width – 22.25” / 57 cm, Height – 85.5” / 212 cm
  • Weight: 61 lbs / 28 kg (dry), 98 lb / 44.5 kg (17 l of water)

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