Helix HR1000 Touch Residential Lateral Recumbent


The Most Effective Cardio Product Ever Built™! Now available for ALL fitness levels in a non-weight bearing recumbent.

The most effective cardio product ever built is now available for all fitness levels in a non-weight bearing recumbent. Helix, the company that invented cardio lateral training, just revolutionized the recumbent workout. Traditional “linear” recumbent bikes and steppers only work muscles in one plane — front to back. By contrast, the HR1000’s patented Helix Motion Technology trains your body in multiple planes, a full 360°, thereby activating more muscles and burning more calories—in less time. Just read the science at Helixco.com/study and you’ll see why it is the most effective cardio machine ever built. And, for those who prefer their workouts seated, there is no better workout option. It’s time to take a seat, and take your fitness to a whole new level.

360° Results: Unlike other cardio machines, Helix works the total lower body as it builds aerobic conditioning.
Glutes: The machine’s intense focus on the Gluteus Maximus and Medius yields dramatic toning benefits.
Quads: Helix provides a zero-impact, yet powerful Quad workout.
Knees: Helix maintains and improves knee and hip functionality by safely targeting and strengthening the muscles that support these joints.
Stability / Fall Prevention: Provides strength and cardio conditioning in an ergonomic, seated position, enabling everyone, even the injured or “deconditioned,” to make great strength and fitness gains.
Inner Thighs: Helix does what traditional cardio machines can’t, creating up to 42% greater activation of the Adductor muscles.
Outer Thighs: Sculpts the hard-to-target outer thigh by creating up to 43% more Abductor muscle activation than a traditional cardio machine.

Radically Different! Radically Effective! Radically Recumbent!


Click here to learn more about the benefits of Lateral Training.


  • Smooth, Gear-Driven, Maintenance-Free System
  • Oversized Touchscreen LCD Console
  • Real Time Feedback: Time, Calories, RPM, Distance, Pulse, Activity Level, Mets & Watts
  • Oversize Foot Plates
  • 20 Levels of Electronic Resistance
  • 11 Exercise Programs
  • Power Source Required


Unit Dimensions 74″ x 36″ (90cm x 187cm)
Boxed Dimensions 40″ x 42″ x 36″ (101.6cm x 106.68cm x 91.44cm)
Unit Weight Net – 245 lbs (111 kg) Gross – 275lbs (125kg)
Max User Weight 300 lbs (136kg)
Display Type 8.5″ Backlit LCD w/ Touchscreen & Adjustable Console Angle
Fitness Programs 11 Programs Including Random w/ Infinite Variations
Real Time Feedback Time, Calories, RPM, Distance, Pulse, Activity Level, Mets, Watts
Resistance Method Electronic Control
Resistance Levels 20
Resistance Type Magnetic
Total Resistance 300 Watts
Flywheel Weight 22 lbs (10kg)
Market Residential
UPC 013964525168
Usage Residential Use Only
Power Requirements Plug-in 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Warranty (Parts) 2 years
Warranty (Labor) 1 Year If Purchased & Assembled by Authorized Helix Dealer. No Labor Warranty If Purchased Via E-Commerce