Helix HLT3500-3D Full Commercial Lateral Trainer


Most machines work front-to-back. The Helix turns tradition on its side— literally. With lateral (or side-to-side) movement, and now 3D, you use more muscles, which means you burn more fat than during a traditional workout– in the same amount of time. Science proves it. Plus Helix’s patented motion tones your butt, core and inner/outer thighs better than old-fashioned cardio machines. The patented lateral motion activates more muscles—more quickly—than other machines, all while burning more fat and calories than old-fashioned technology, according to a comprehensive 2011 University of Tampa study. Plus, the Helix Lateral Trainer can deliver the equivalent of an hour-long workout in just 30 minutes.

55% More Core Activation. 40% More Glute Activation. 23% Faster Achievement of Target Heart Rate. 50% More Outer Thigh Work. Strengthen and Protect Your Knees.

Helix Effectiveness Plus New Advantages

  • Decreases Start-up Effort
  • Easier Workout Movement
  • Actually Lowers Perceived Exertion

Clinical Studies Demonstrate:

  • Superior Calorie Burn (50-60 more/hour) that feels ‘easy’
  • Greater Knee Health through Greater Knee Rotation
  • Superior Muscle Activation vs Traditional Cardio (like ellipticals)
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  • TFT interactive display
  • 12 programs
  • Built-in Quick Start function
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Pedal direction indicator as well as guidance
  • Workout history tracking
  • Feedback: Time, Distance, Calories, RPM, METS, Watts, HR Level & Pulse
  • User-friendly personal data saving function for quick workout access
  • Self-generated power with 3 minute Pause mode
  • Polar compatible heart rate receiver


MSRP $4,999
Resistance Type Generator Magnetic
Resistance Method Electro-magnetic
Resistance Levels 20
Total Resistance 400 Watts
Display Type TFT Touch Full Color
Programs Manual, Random, Simple Intervals, Ramp Intervals, Pyramid Intervals, Helix Intervals, Plateau, Heart Rate Control, Valley, Rolling, Mountain, Olympian
Feedback Time, Calories, Rpm, Distance, Heart Rate & Level, Mets, Watts
Power Requirements Self-generated
Max User Weight 350 lbs / 159kg
Unit Weight 225 lbs / 102kg
Market Full Commercial
Assembled Footprint 42″ x 42.5″ (107cm x 108cm)
Packaging DIMS 42 x 42 x 25 (108 x 108 x 61.5)
Warranty (Parts) 3 years Commercial 5 years Residential upon owner registration
Warranty (Labor) 1 year (USA and Canada Only)