Residential Elliptical Trainers

Precor, Vision Fitness, Landice, and Horizon Elliptical Trainers.

The Elliptical trainer (also referred to as “cross trainer”) simulates the motion of a treadmill, a bike, a stair-climber, and a cross-country skier. Experience the elliptical trainer to:

  • Receive a vigorous cardiovascular workout
  • Achieve weight-bearing yet non-impact exercise
  • Burn calories like running
  • Less impact than walking
  • Avoid jarring to knees, hips, joint, or lower back

This equipment is recommended by health and fitness experts for individuals who have difficulty with running due to arthritic changes or injury.

Total Fitness Equipment’s staff will discuss the physiological benefits of the Elliptical trainers and the special features of the models available. As always, we focus on your unique health and fitness needs when you visit for a demonstration and trial.

Come and visit one of our five showroom locations and experience Total Fitness Equipment’s Elliptical trainers with a knowledgeable staff member. We will help you meet your specific health and fitness goals with the right equipment.