Power Lift Seated Calf Raise Machine

Power Lift’s Seated Calf Raise Machine was designed to deliver explosive power to the lower leg. Use this easy-to-use machine to strengthen calf muscles and the lower body. The adjustable multiple angle foot platform and lock down thigh pad make it the perfect addition to a facility with athletes of all sizes.

Length: 52″
Width: 36″
Height: 40″
Weight: 250 lbs.

Large multiple angle foot platform for proper biomechanics
Adjustable lock down thigh pad for starting position
Urethane foot pads (standard)
Ratchet seat mechanism accommodates all user sizes
Low start resistance, with the ability to add plates to accommodate all fitness levels
Standard counter balance
3″ thick pads for user comfort and support
Moveable joints feature ball bearings
Standard weight horns

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