Power Lift Pro Select Lat Pulldown Machine

Power Lift’s Pro Select Lat Pulldown Machine is a member of the selectorized line of equipment. Like all of our Pro Select line, this lat pulldown machine offers everything you want in a selectorized resistance machine. A 300 lb. weight stack, adjustable start positions and ball bearing joints are just a few of the features you see in this machine.

Length: 62″
Width: 65″
Height: 81″
Weight: 1075 lbs.

300 lb. weight stack
Adjustable thigh pads
Ratchet lock back pad adjustment
Dual handle position
1 1/4″ grip diameter
Adjustable start positions
4″ x 3″ 7-gauge steel tubing
Heavy weight stacks combined with 10 lb. increments to accommodate users of different strength levels
5 lb. add on weight (standard)
3″ thick pads for user comfort
Standard weight stack guards
Instructional placards
Ratchet lock seat system to accommodate users of all sizes
3/16″ jacketed to 1/4″ Military Grade cables are used on all equipment
All moveable joints feature ball bearings vs. bushings resulting in smoother motion

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