Power Lift Combo Pulley Unit

The Power Lift Combo Pulley Unit – (Seated Lat Pull/Low Row) is a space-saving pulley station that is available as a free-standing unit, wall mounted, or it can be mounted to racks/connecting braces. Our simple design makes it so no adjustments are needed to move from high pulley movements to low pulley movements. The 300 lb weight stack ensures enough resistance for any movements and the unique cable routing ensures a 1:1 resistance ratio regardless of which pulley is being used. Adjustable thigh roller pad holds the user in place, while low pulley foot supports are removable for doing standing low rows, bicep curls and other movements.

Height: 96″
Width: 41 11/16″
Depth: 66″
Weight: 785 lbs.

300 lb weight stack features 10 lb increments with a 5 lb add on weight. Weight stacks are fully machined steel weight stacks with a powder coat finish.
3/16″ jacketed to 1/4″ Military Grade cables are used on all equipment
1″ solid chrome guide rods
7/16″ diameter weight selector pin locks in place and is connected to the weight stack to prevent loss
Rubber bumpers under each weight stack to reduce vibration
Top weight plate with free floating bushings for smooth operation
Steel weight stack guards
Adjustable thigh roller pads and removable foot supports
Components are mig .035 welded in jig fixtures ensuring consistent fabrication and tubes have welded end caps
Standard handles include a 48” Lat pulldown and a low row bar, additional handles are also available

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