Why Precor Treadmills Are Worth The Money: Precor Treadmill Benefits

If you are thinking about investing in a treadmill and have heard the hype about Precor’s machines, you might well be wondering, is Precor the best treadmill manufacturer for you?  Sure, the market is loaded with home fitness equipment from a multitude of manufacturers and at just about every price point—but there are some pretty compelling reasons why investing in this particular brand is an absolutely solid strategy. So why get a Precor treadmill? Read on as we break it down for you!


Who Are Precor?

You’re asking, is Precor the best treadmill. Well, in answering that poignant question, it’s worth taking a little tour of the history of this incredible American-made fitness industry manufacturer. You see, as a company, Precor has more than four decades of innovation under its belt. Having set up shop in 1980 as the Precision Corporation of Washington State, the company made quick work of dominating indoor exercise spaces, providing high-caliber fitness equipment to commercial gyms, hotels, and private customers.


Theirs is a brand that has long defined the forefront of fitness. In the 1980s, they released the world’s first ergonomically designed rowing machine. In the 1990s, they introduced the very first cushioned treadmills and invented the ever-iconic elliptical trainer, forever making the indoor cardio workout a far more joint-friendly and enjoyable affair. They also blazed yet further trails as the first company to introduce electronic interfaces on their workout machines. Where active users had historically been unable to monitor their progress, now they could track distance covered, calories burned, and more.


Why Get a Precor Treadmill?

As a veteran of catering to the professional market, Precor knows how to make quality machines that are built to last. Their two residential lines, the Precision Series and the Energy Series were created with the needs of the home user placed front and center. Their commercial-caliber consoles facilitate fantastic tracking for up to four household members. Meanwhile, each machine’s powerful motor is optimally equipped to handle high speeds, frequent sessions, and even heavier users.


Each stylish Precor treadmill features an ergonomic console with either dome-shaped buttons or lever controls. You can choose between preset workout programs targeting a variety of distances or focused on heart rate control. Plus, you can also choose to fully customize your workouts to suit a diversity of personal training aspirations.


What Else Do We Love About Precor?

We mentioned Precor’s role in the development of cushioned treadmills, and today their machines draw on their highly sophisticated and patented Ground Effects and Energy Stride technology. Moving far beyond simple cushioning, this facilitates variable shock absorption—making the track firmer when your feet push off and softer when they land. If you want to make the most of great treadmill sessions while also safeguarding your joints then your answer is clear. Is Precor the best treadmill? Most likely, your experience will yield an enthusiastic yes.


What else do you need to know about track quality when pondering why get a Precor treadmill? Not only does the Precor track feature the brand’s innovative foot plant technology but also fantastic incline and decline variability. Users can adjust the track beneath their feet from a +15% incline down to a -2% decline. This is super handy for those wanting not only to challenge their muscles but also to replicate outdoor running conditions. Ideal for those training for races or switching between indoor treadmill workouts and outdoor road or trail running.


The Total Fitness Equipment Takeaway On Precor Treadmills

So, is Precor the best treadmill manufacturer to meet your indoor workout needs? If you’re looking for world-class equipment from an industry-leading company, then Precor is a safe bet every time. If you’re still weighing pros and cons before deciding why get a Precor treadmill, then the brand’s friendly lifetime warranties on treadmill frames and generous parts protection is worth factoring in too.


As the exclusive Precor residential and commercial dealer for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine, we here at Total Fitness Equipment are always happy to answer any questions that you might have about products from this incredible manufacturer. Our goal is always to create the fitness equipment solutions that fit your home lifestyle or commercial facility, so feel free to get in touch about this or any of the other brands we carry and your unique requirements.

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