6 Must-Have Treadmill Accessories

It’s fair to say that there are few workouts more convenient than the ones you do on your home or office treadmill. But did you know that a clever array of treadmill accessories can help you take that training session to the next level?


Yes, building out your own handy treadmill accessory kit can help you achieve ideals ranging from extending the lifespan of your trusty equipment to making your workout time more productive than ever. No matter your goal, the right accessories for treadmill enthusiasts are easy to find and game-changing to use. So check out our go-to treadmill accessory list to inspire your future training sessions.


Treadmill Accessory #1: Treadmill Mat

A decent treadmill mat does so much more than protect your wooden floor or carpet from scuffs and damage. In fact, this gloriously simple addition to your workout space makes the top of our treadmill accessories list because it will maximize the lifespan of your treadmill too.


A purpose-made mat will absorb impact, reducing wear and tear on your machine’s inner components. Through the same function, it will also reduce noise, while its non-slip surface will ensure that your treadmill stays put while you’re flying along. So great credentials all around.


Treadmill Accessory #2: Water Bottle Holder

When pushing your fitness level to new heights, staying hydrated is absolutely crucial. The longer your training sessions become, the less convenient it gets to carry a water bottle in hand or hop off to grab one. The solution is to add a water bottle holder to your treadmill accessory kit—that is, if your chosen treadmill doesn’t already feature one. This way, you can reach for refreshment whenever the urge takes you without interrupting your progress.


Treadmill Accessory #3: Fan

Running on the treadmill is a pretty taxing endeavor, and even more so on a hot day. However, it couldn’t be easier to make your run more comfortable than by adding a fan to your treadmill accessories repertoire. Of course, you could use a free-standing fan, but many runners find an attached fan more convenient.


Of these, you can choose between a USB fan that can be plugged directly into the treadmill and a battery-powered fan designed for the same purpose. Some offer timer settings but all will be in reach—allowing you to spontaneously adjust your fan’s settings mid-sprint.


Treadmill Accessory #4: Electronics Holder

Excuse the pun, but some truly run with the idea of an office treadmill, choosing to work at the same time as getting in their workout. Now that’s multitasking! Whether you like the idea of answering your emails or scrolling social media on an incline, the right electronics holder will certainly be waiting for you.


Some are the simplest of treadmill accessories, designed to support a smartphone, tablet, or even a book for the old-school among our readers. Others serve as fully-functional desks complete with mouse pads and storage compartments.


Treadmill Accessory #5: Heart Rate Monitor

If you count yourself as something of a fitness fanatic then there’s a good chance that you’ll want to track every progress metric possible. This makes a heart rate monitor a smart addition among accessories for treadmill users.


Most often mounted on a strap that wraps around your chest, the heart rate monitor will give you real-time heart rate data that you can stack up beside your speed and duration. Many can be synced with apps and smartwatches, placing your wellbeing well and truly at your fingertips.


Treadmill Accessory #6: Great Treadmill Maintenance Products

Perhaps this is the least glamorous on our checklist of treadmill accessories, but having the right maintenance products to hand is ideal for safeguarding your equipment’s longevity. Purpose-made cleaning products can help you keep your treadmill clean and hygienic without corroding its surfaces. Meanwhile, a silicone-based lubricant for your treadmill belt will keep it moving freely for long-term performance that you can rely on.


Here at Total Fitness Equipment, we are passionate about promoting your health and fitness. A key part of this role is supporting our customers with fantastic information about how to get the most out of their training sessions. Don’t forget too, that we offer treadmill installation and servicing to help you stay in motion!

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