Why Choose Total Fitness Equipment over Amazon Shopping

Amazon Fitness Gym Equipment
Total Fitness Equipment is your reliable partner for home and commercial exercise equipment. We have a wide variety of exercise gadgets such as jump ropes, treadmills, dumbbells, punching bags and much more to choose from. When you shop from us, we guarantee you the following benefits over buying fitness equipment on Amazon.
Flexible and Affordable Pricing Plans
Total Fitness Equipment stores offer competitive prices for all our clients. Whether you want large or small fitness machine, we have flexible payment plans to suit your budget, which may not be possible on Amazon. This is because the prices on fitness equipment on Amazon are fixed, and with no room for bargains.
We Provide On-Site Repair and Maintenance Services
Sometimes a fitness equipment on Amazon may look great but disappointingly falls short of what has been advertised after purchase. And getting help may be slow and more annoying. At Total Fitness Equipment, we value our customers, and that is why we offer on-site repair and maintenance services to all our esteemed clients. We also provide you an opportunity to understand the terms of warranty and repair options available in case the sporting equipment malfunctions.
Expert Knowledge on Major Brands
We have industry-certified technicians who specialize in both mechanical and electrical aspects of all fitness equipment. These experts have extensive knowledge of installation, assembling, and electronic circuit boards for all major brands.
You Can Conduct a Test Run
Unlike buying fitness equipment on Amazon where you’ve no ability to physically inspect or try it, we give you the opportunity to ascertain that the equipment fits your needs. We allow all our clients to perform a test run and if you find it unsuitable, you can opt for another one before leaving our store.
Custom-made Options for You
Total Fitness Equipment has custom-made services for every fitness enthusiast. Whether you need an eye-catching design or a heavy-duty power rack, we will help you acquire the equipment that meets your desired specifications. We will also offer professional advice if necessary.
Choose From World Class Brands
Total Fitness Equipment stocks high-quality fitness kits and exercise gear from major manufacturers in the US and across the world. Popular world class brands include Cross Fit, Life Fitness, and Cybex International among others. In terms of equipment varieties, you can choose from a wide range of commercial and residential equipment that we have in store.
Start Your Fitness Journey Today! You Can Rely on Us!
At Total Fitness Equipment, we guarantee you the service and care you deserve. We’ll help you find the best exercise equipment at the best market price possible. Besides, our teams of certified fitness professionals are there to fulfill your preferences. We provide free in-house training on all machines purchased, offer professional delivery, installation, repair and maintenance services to all our clients.
If you’re in Connecticut, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas, visit us today for the best selection of the top name brands of fitness and exercise machines available!

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