Why Choose Total Fitness Equipment For Your Exercise Equipment Needs

Why Choose Total Fitness Equipment For Your Exercise Equipment Needs
At Total Fitness Equipment, we are the premier providers of top quality exercise equipment in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Over the years, we have supplied high-quality fitness equipment to lots of schools, individuals, workplaces and gym facilities around the city. Proper exercise requires that you rely on certified and properly fitted exercise equipment. We are a local, family-owned Fitness Equipment Store that sells ellipticals, treadmills, exercise bikes, and more.
A variety of Equipment. We offer equipment for cardio, fitness, strength, endurance as well as flexibility. These include pull-up bars, jump ropes, ab wheels, adjustable dumb bells, treadmills, punching bags and even rowing machines. We offer exercise equipment for both commercial and residential fitness equipment. If you are in need of any custom equipment, we can procure it for you. Our focus is always on giving you the widest possible options when it comes to choosing exercise kits.
We Offer High-Quality Brands. Total Fitness Equipment has fitness kits, and exercise equipment from all the major manufacturers of exercise equipment both within the US and abroad. Walk into our shops and you are bound to run into gear form any major supplier. The equipment available comes from world class brands like Precor, life Fitness, Star Trac, Cybex International, Nike, and zombies. Besides these, there are also stocks from brands like Soul cycles, Elliptigo, Cross Fit and Green Revolution.
We Offer Repair And Maintenance Services. One of our core strengths is that, we have the capacity to repair and provide maintenance services for all manner of exercise equipment. We help you to understand the terms of your warranties and what options you have when your gear breaks down or malfunctions. We offer guarantees as regards our services to all our clients. Over the years, we’ve helped our customers to fix hundreds of different types of equipment affordably.
We Offer Competitive Pricing. One of the distinguishing strengths that we have is that, we offer competitive pricing to all our clients. We have always prioritized the ability of our customers to access top quality, world-class brand equipment at reasonable rates. We also offer reasonable payment terms that can help you acquire just about any of the equipment both large and small.
We’re Local. Having been in the exercise equipment business for a while, we perfectly understand the local markets. This has given us the ability to anticipate the equipment and kits that most local customers need. Most of our stock is geared towards trainers and fitness enthusiasts in and around Connecticut and Western Massachusetts with 4 locations in CT and 1 in MA. That’s why you can be guaranteed quality services and best advice when you visit any of our stores around.

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