Tips to Build Your 2016 Summer Beach Body

Tips to Build Your 2016 Beach Body
Warm weather, clear skies: spring has arrived, which means summer is right around the corner. To enjoy all the season has to offer and look your best during the summer months, you want to make sure your physical fitness is on point before prime beach weather arrives. But how do you get your perfect beach body? Whether you’ve spent most of winter indoors relaxing or kept active through the cold, you’ll need the right fitness equipment to make the most of spring training. Calisthenics and bodyweight workouts are a fantastic way to stay in shape and warm up to more intense activity, but if you want to improve your level of fitness and shape up your body for the summer, you’ll need to step it up.

At Total Fitness Equipment, we carry complete home exercise solutions throughout the year. Every summer, we become the trusted fitness partner for an even larger community of athletes who visit our site or one of our state-of-the-art showrooms to find the best way to achieve their fitness goals. We’ve helped newcomers and enthusiasts alike build the perfect beach body every year: fitness is our passion, and connecting people with the right equipment for their needs is our top priority. If you want to build your 2016 beach body, start with these tips:

Work Your Core

You might be planning to hit the beach to celebrate your body and dress to impress, or you might just be looking to get in as many games of volleyball as the season will allow you. Either way, your core is going to be one of the most important areas to train, for both performance and appearance. Complete home gyms are one of the best ways to train this important muscle group as well as many others. Beyond all-in-one solutions, rowing machines are also an effective method for engaging your abs. The Waterrower GX Home rowing machine is a highly recommended model with sleek, stylish construction and a Quick Start option to get anyone started with a rewarding and challenging program. Of course, having great abs depends on a lot more than core strength: an overall low bodyfat percentage is key to making sure other beachgoers can admire your hard work. With some well-planned hours on your exercise equipment and smart choices in the kitchen, you can have a core you’ll be proud to show off.

Hit the Weights

Free weights are a favorite of dedicated strength trainers: they force the body to use smaller, stabilizing muscles in addition to major muscle groups, helping athletes achieve a more well-rounded potential as well as enhancing appearance. Free weight machines combine the challenge of free weight exercises with the efficiency and versatility of a home gym.

Consult the Experts

The staff at Total Fitness Equipment will be glad to recommend equipment to match your fitness goals, but our service goes beyond our inventory: we’ll work with you to make sure your 2016 beach body is your best yet. Browse the site or get into contact with us directly to get further advice. Summer won’t wait: start building your perfect beach body with us today.

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