The 5 Best Fitness Tracker Apps of 2016

The 5 best Fitness Tracker Apps of 2016
These are five of the most genius apps on the market specifically for keeping track of you and your fitness goals. Why do we want to track this in the first place? If I sweat, I’m working out, right? Maybe. These apps track your calories burned, calories taken in, workout reps, and so on. Which in the end means you can tell whether you are progressing or not. To reach your goals, they have to measurable. How else are you going to know whether you are making progress? All 5 of these fitness apps are fantastic for the advancement of your goals.

TouchFit: GSP

The GSP stands for George St. Pierre, former MMA World Champion. He has put together, with the help of Touchfit, fitness routines that will challenge you specifically. What is great about this app begins with your first workout. You go through the first routine and rate each exercise, easy, tough, impossible, need to learn. The app then takes this info and serves a routine specific to you. All that is needed is a fitness band and a mat.

Runtastic PRO

Runtastic Pro is a running app that has it all. On the left-hand side of the screen, you see where you are running as the route is highlighted on a map as you run it. The right-hand side covers your stats. Average pace, speed, elevation changes, heart beats, distance, time and calories burned are all given. There are also coaching feedback, voice feedback, and music interaction if wanted.


Pact is an app unlike any other. Why don’t most of us keep up with our resolutions and goals? Because we don’t have enough at stake, there isn’t any skin in the game. If we don’t lose that weight, so what,? I just stay the same. With Pact, you either lose that weight or lose money. That’s right, you either lose or win money by reaching certain goals. If you need that extra motivation, Pact is for you.

Lose It!

Here is your calorie counting app. As you go through your day and place your eating info into the app, it will give you a running count of calories burned. The brand is long established, so it is compatible with other devices such as Nike+ and FuelBand. Because it has been around a long time it has a great reputation.


Not only is this the best cycling app out there it can be used for walking and running. The app gives you all of the pertinent info needed to track your cycling fitness. It is only available on iOS. No calorie counter but everything you wanted to know about your specific bike ride.

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