Why The Helix Lateral Trainer?

Why Helix Lateral Trainer
A lateral trainer is one of the best workout machines to have been created. There are many benefits to having a Helix Lateral Trainer at your household or gym, so if you are trying to decide whether or not to make the investment in both a quality machine and your lifelong health, you have come to the right place.

What is a Helix Lateral Trainer?

When you think of a workout machine, you are guarantee to think of a treadmill or elliptical. These machines stress forward and backward motion, rarely working the machines on the side of the body. That is where a lateral trainer comes into play. Instead of focusing solely on the muscles on the posterior and anterior surfaces of the body, the Helix Lateral Trainer targets everything on the lower body—the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, calves, and inner and outer thighs—for a 360 degree workout.
Not only do the legs move forward and back, they are also moving side-to-side in a figure 8 (hence the name ‘Helix’). Thus, the clockwise and counterclockwise motions are reshaping the entire lower body. Additionally, you will burn more calories, because the muscles are working in a full range of motion.
What are the Benefits of The Helix Lateral Trainer?
Moving in the same motion all the time will eventually put your muscles into automatic—meaning you start to burn less calories, even if you are still working hard. The Helix Lateral Trainer introduces a new movement by taking a traditional workout machine, like a recumbent bike or elliptical, and adding sideways motion. Here are some of the benefits that come with lateral training:

  • Entire Lower Body Workout – the side-to-side movement targets the entire leg, sculpting the entire lower body 360-degrees.
  • More Calories Burned – because more muscle groups are being engaged all at once, your body will need to burn more energy to keep going.
  • No More Elliptical – a study performed by the University of Tampa proved that the Helix Lateral Trainer outperforms an elliptical machine in 4 out of 5 muscle groups by increasing core activation by 50% more, thigh activation by 50%, and glute activation by 39% more. Another study in 2012 showed that the lateral trainer even increases heart rate 23% faster than an elliptical!
  • Strengthening The Knees – Only doing forward and backwards motion will eventually affect your knees. With the Helix Lateral Trainer, the gluteus medius muscle, which supports the knee, is worked. Moreover, the side-to-side motion will actually have less impact on the knees. For those with knee problems, arthritis, or other limitations, the lateral trainer is the clear choice.
  • Fitter, Faster – By working more of the muscles and increasing your heart rate faster, the Helix Lateral Trainer is going to help you get stronger, faster. A 30-minute workout on a Helix is the same as a 60-minute workout on a treadmill or elliptical.
  • Small Footprint – For those with limited space in their home, a lateral trainer has a much smaller footprint that other workout machines. All models have a dimension of 3 x 4 feet (91 cm x 122 cm). Also, these machines are self-powered, meaning you don’t have to worry about plugging it in or using batteries, saving on your energy bills.

Who Should Use a Helix Lateral Trainer?
Anyone can enjoy the amazing benefits of using a Helix Lateral Trainer. Athletes will find that a lateral trainer is going to train sport-specific muscle groups faster, making this machine ideal for those who play tennis, golfing, or who go skiing. Runners will also benefit from strengthening their gluteus medius and knees. Recently, even world-class ice hockey teams and MLB all-stars have started incorporating lateral training into their workouts.

But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to use a Helix Lateral Trainer. Whether you have never worked out before or are trying to maintain your health and fitness alongside a busy schedule, the Helix Lateral Trainer has workout programs and a variety of resistance levels for you to choose from.

So, why should you use a Helix Lateral Trainer? Because it is the ultimate workout machine for the lower body, that’s why! Not only will reshape and redefine the legs, butt, and thighs, but your knees will get stronger. You will lose weight and simultaneously build muscle—something that was once only possible by lifting weights! Try out the Helix Lateral Trainer today.

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