3 Reasons a Home Gym Is Better Than a Gym Membership

3 Reasons a Home Gym Is Better Than a Membership
Whether you are a beginner looking to make a lifestyle change or a seasoned gym goer, a home gym is an easy and convenient way to keep up with your workouts. Here are three reasons why:

It’s Cheaper in the Long Run.

While setting up a home gym may seem like a significant upfront cost, it can actually end up being less than what you would spend at a gym long term. Monthly membership fees add up quickly, especially if more than one person in your household is going to the gym. A membership to a quality gym can cost upwards of $100 a month, and this doesn’t even factor in the money you’ll spend on gas going to the gym or any incidentals such as locker padlocks, gym bags or in-house concessions. A home gym can pay for itself in just a few months, and you won’t have to worry about fee hikes or changing management later on.

It’s Guaranteed to Fit in Your Schedule.

Traditional gym hours can be a big problem if you work nontraditional hours. If you’re a night owl or like to get up before dawn, you may have trouble finding a gym that’s open early or late enough to accommodate your schedule, While there are some 24-hour gyms, you still have to get ready and drive to the building — a major inconvenience if you’re just wanting to squeeze in a quick run or HIIT workout. A well-stocked home gym is the ultimate no-excuses set up, making it more likely that you’ll be able to stay consistent with your workouts and see better results faster. You’ll also never have to worry about waiting to use the weight circuit or having to end your run when you’re in the groove because your 30 minutes are up.

It’s Yours.

The best part about a home gym is that you can do whatever you want. No more worrying about adhering to dress codes, keeping your music turned down or getting looks from other patrons because you put the weights down too hard. Your gym, your rules. When you have a home gym, you can also add in the little extras that reflect your personality and make it space you’ll want to spend time in. Hang up posters and quotes that motivate you, or make a whiteboard wall where you write down your short- and long-term fitness goals — whatever reminds you why you’re pushing yourself.
Having a home gym doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. At Total Fitness Equipment, we can help you set up a customized workout space that meets your needs and your budget.

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