Which Gym Workout Equipment Is Best For Hotels?

Which Gym Workout Equipment Is Best For Hotels?
Any hotel needs to be more than just a warm bed for the night in order to succeed and draw customers. Today’s road warriors and vacation-goers expect an array of luxuries including pools, business centers, and gyms stocked with modern exercise equipment. What fitness equipment must be on the list for any hotel’s fitness center?

Elliptical Machines

Few exercise machines are more popular today than elliptical trainers. Hotel guests can work out both their upper and lower body while watching TV, reading, or chatting at the same time. Many exercise enthusiasts like to be able to track their workout stats; modern elliptical trainers include information on distance, intensity, heart rate, and calories burned so that there’s no question how hard you’ve worked. An elliptical like our S70 Suspension offers a number of exercise features including ergonomic feet positioning and adjustable stride lengths. Hotels should consider several elliptical machines for their workout facility depending on the number of guests, as no customer wants to see that the only machine is occupied.

Exercise Bikes

Cycling junkies can never get enough of their favorite bike ride, but few people are able to bring their bike with them on the road. Stationary exercise bikes offer an excellent workout for casual and serious bikers alike. Not only do hotels need these bikes to appeal to cyclists, but many exercise routines incorporate light cycling on an exercise bike prior to heavier workouts that push the body further. A stationary bike like our Vision Fitness U7 can keep customers sweating all day, while keeping track of their speed and distance statistics for anyone interested in tracking their performance. A large gym also requires several fitness bikes so that customers don’t have to wait around for the next available opening.

Home Gyms

Free weights and dumbbells can cost a hotel a lot of money. Purchasing a home gym all-in-one strength center allows customers to pump iron with just one machine. Our selectorized all-in-one gyms do the job of a dozen different machines, creating workouts ranging from pull-downs to leg extensions. No matter how a customer prefers to get their sweat on and build up their muscles, home gym machines make it possible to hit new performance records. Better still, more than one person can use the machine at any given time, so that there’s less of a line to use the machine whenever a lot of people want to fit in their workout at the exact same time. No hotel should go without weight training machines, and home gyms make it possible to get every weight training workout a customer wants.

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