What is a Treadmill Desk?

What Are Treadmill Desks
It’s not easy for busy professionals to fit a workout into their daily schedules. Leading the lifestyle of the average office worker can be unhealthy and often times, unfortunately, physical activity is not part of the job description of many of those who have such a career. However, a day at the office can be turned into an invigorating workout with the help of a treadmill desk! So, what exactly is a treadmill desk?

Exercising on the job

A treadmill desk is a workstation that is built onto a traditional exercise treadmill so that individuals can exercise while they are getting work tasks accomplished on a computer, telephone, or other piece of office equipment.
Though simple and ingenious, the treadmill desk has not been around for very long. A patent was not filed for the treadmill desk concept until 1993. Since then, this device has revolutionized the workdays of professionals from a wide range of industries.

A successful and safe treadmill desk system

While many people may at first assume that walking on a treadmill would create too much of a distraction to accomplish work at a treadmill desk, treadmill exercise routines can easily be adjusted to accommodate office work at a treadmill desk. For example, workers can adjust the speed of a treadmill so that it goes slowly enough to prevent distraction. If treadmill speed is kept at two miles per hour, workers are generally able to keep up with both the exercise and desk work simultaneously.
Treadmill desks available on the market have also been specially designed using ergonomic standards to keep office workouts healthy, safe, and productive. These desks allow users to continue walking while also keeping their wrists down flat if they are using a keyboard and their eyes straight ahead of they are looking at a monitor. Like a standard treadmill, one safety feature that is usually included in the design of a desk is a key that can be pulled out to immediately stop the treadmill if necessary to prevent injury.
Those who are skeptical about the fitness and health potential offered by a treadmill desk should understand that the device is not really meant to offer intense cardiovascular exercise. It is merely meant to boost workers’ metabolism to make weight control easier, help workers feel more energized and provide overall better fitness.

Advantages of using a treadmill desk

The gentle exercise offered by a treadmill setup that includes a desk can help lower a worker’s risks of health conditions that are linked to obesity. Two of the most deadly conditions that are directly linked to obesity are diabetes and heart disease. However, obesity is also an important factor in the development of cancer, ulcers, gallstones, and many other health conditions.
We hope the above tips and info help you with your next fitness equipment purchase – whether it be at your office or at home. Need some help? Contact us today!

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