Monthly Health Tips Magazine: Benefits of Working Out at Home

Why work out at home?

The benefits of exercising at home are numerous. Here at Total Fitness Equipment, we understand the positive reasons for easy access to a workout program in your own home.
Save money – The most obvious benefit is the cost savings over a long-term monthly fee or yearly membership to a gym. Gas expense is another significant factor in your overall savings when you discontinue your commute to a gym. Your investment in equipment will serve you for the long-term and may also be used by other family members.

Save time – Easily as valuable as your money, you will enjoy the extra down time you accrue. No longer will you have to endure the drive to and from the gym, and never again will you have to wait in line to use equipment. Instead of making the drive, you could be finished with your workout routine!
Flexible schedule – Your workout routine will be entirely at your own schedule, whether you are an early bird or a night owl. If lunch hour is your preference, you will know the ultimate convenience of an immediate and private shower. No more rushing to a scheduled class at an inconvenient time; your fitness schedule is yours to make when it works for you.
Be consistent – With your fitness equipment just steps away, your excuses to skip going to the gym due to lack of time, bad weather, traffic, crowded conditions, etc., are a thing of the past. Now you will experience the benefits of a more consistent exercise routine: improved health, mood, and energy, as well as steady weight control.
Privacy – Forget your concerns over what to wear, who’s watching, or the public locker room. Enjoy your physical fitness routine without any unwanted distractions or intrusions. Your goal is to stay fit, not to waste time with the extraneous details of the gym environment.
Cleanliness – Those foul living organisms on every piece of equipment at the gym will never again be a health concern. Your own home equipment is the hygienic solution to this otherwise inescapable issue, regardless of how well someone cleans the public equipment.
Stop in and visit one of Total Fitness Equipment’s five convenient showrooms, where our passion for fitness is contagious – Fitness rocks!

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